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Genesys and Cisco reporting Azure (in the Cloud)

Unleash the power of HTML5 with Genesys and Cisco reporting.

Contact center systems provide tremendous amounts of data about the agent’s performance, the call’s flow, and the caller’s experience. However, it’s often difficult to sift the mountains of data into just the key metrics that you need. Our reports managers need insights instead of just swimming in that sea of data elements.

The accuracy of the historical and real-time reporting is the heartbeat of your entire consumer-facing operation. Our reporting data analysis offers the means to identify your triumphs, faults, weaknesses, and strengths in a variety of areas, and you can use this information to enhance and improve your business – customer service is one of these areas.

Contact center reports cannot possibly be out-of-the-box; they have to be adjusted based on your business requirements. We will do it for you by getting those requirements, doing the discovery sessions, and adjust historical and real-time reporting accordingly.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports for example. SLA is a written set of rules and objectives for achieving a business outcome. Only after your final routing in production, it can be properly calculated. Let’s say your business needs SLA reporting based on the Group of Virtual Queues or individual VQ within a certain period. Some calls might be bounced and never reached the target due to some flaws in the routing or customer hand up. Some calls might enter the same VQ with the same ConnID (double calculations need to be avoided).

The agent didn’t answer the call, the call went back to the Queue looking for another target. Everything has to be taken into consideration and every single leg of the call has to be calculated.

This information needs also be taken into consideration when you decide to calculate Productivity, Occupancy, AHT, etc.

We introduce new historical and real-time reporting tool written in HTML5 and working with Microsoft cloud service AZURE and can also connect to other cloud services

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This version provides a rich graphical interface and it is written in Microsoft Silverlight 5. Browsers support Microsoft Silverlight 5: IE11, Avant, Safari, Firefox with the plugin (, or IE tab inside of Chrome.

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