Unified Modular Agent Desktop 

Unified Modular Agent Desktop™ allows contact center agents communicate with customers and team members through multi channels such as calls, chats, and emails.

Single Softphone Service can provide over 5,000 connections to Agent’s voice, chat, and emails. Tools we provide to your agents greatly increase first-call resolutions and enhance the customer experience.

Agents/Customer Service Professionals can save considerable amount of talk time, if the caller information is presented along with call as screen-pop. This not only improves Customer satisfaction because they don't have to repeat the information entered on VRU/IVR, but also helps to realize Return on Investment on CTI. 

With the Unified Modular Agent Desktop™, your existing applications are braided into new customer-friendly processes and enabled by tools that empower your agents by eliminating the desk hard phone and giving its users advanced communications capabilities. It can at the same time be connected to Genesys voice and media and interact with Cisco Unified Communication Manager from the same server, which allows Call Center to keep a blending environment with Cisco and Genesys at the same time.

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